Blackberry Desktop Manager for Mac

Image adapted from InsideBlackberry I just read a posting at Engadget about Blackberry Desktop Manager for Mac releasing October 2nd.  As you know from my Smartphone Roundup, I’m a huge fan of the way Blackberry smartphones seem to work without issue! 

In the past, RIM’s support of Mac OS X has been somewhat lackluster.  If you were a Mac user and had a Blackberry, your only option was a 3rd-party tool called “PocketMac for Blackberry.”  In looking at the user guide, it looks fairly complex to configure and use.  However, the new Blackberry Desktop Software looks to make the desktop sync process fairly intuitive and seamless.  Similar to the old version, it allows contacts, tasks, appointments, installed software, and iTunes Playlists to be synced.  InsideBlackberry posted a few pictures on their blog, and it looks pretty promising!

Finally, Blackberries are supported by RIM on the Mac platform!  Contact Me or leave a comment and let us know of your experiences with the Desktop Manager after it is released on October 2nd!

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