Microsoft Security Essentials – A Free Supplement To Your Microsoft Patch Security Scheme

In my experience, many home computer owners (and even some Small Businesses) fall into one of the following categories when it comes to Microsoft patch security:

  • They disregard the security updates that are required to keep their PC secure, and disabled the annoying pop-up reminders about their Anti-virus definitions being out-of-date because they had no idea what it meant.
  • They keep their anti-virus programs up-to-date (“No one wants a Virus, right?”), but have no idea the importance of regular patch updates in preventing the vulnerabilities exploited by viruses.
  • They are paranoid, and keep both their Microsoft patch security and anti-virus programs up-to-date regularly (mostly because their “family IT guy” told them to do so, and told them of the horrors awaiting them if they didn’t keep up with it).

While many folks don’t realize how truly vulnerable their computer becomes when they don’t apply security updates, one way to help prevent your computer from becoming a helpless target is the use of antivirus programs.  While I’ve provided more information on my favorites before (in my previous post Not Just Antivirus, and on the MW2ML Vendors Page), I wanted to let you all know of a newly released free desktop security suite:  Microsoft Security Essentials.  Microsoft is claiming it will provide quiet, unobtrusive anti-virus and anti-malware protection, and should work on all versions of Windows from XP on up. 

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