About MW2ML Technology

Do computers frustrate the crap out of you? Do you laugh when your friends and family say that technology can simplify your life, give you peace of mind, and/or take your home and/or small business technology to the next level?  Are you full of fresh ideas and dreams just waiting to become reality?

What’s in it for you?

You can bet I’ll be sharing everything I can to help make technology work for YOU (just look at the list of topics to the LEFT!).  No more will you get so frustrated with technology that you’ll have what I like to call a “midlife technology meltdown.”  I’m always looking for ways to help people and small businesses be more successful with technology.  I also welcome questions and ideas for topics to research.  Have a question about technology?  Just ask!   Looking to learn something new?  Feel free to browse around using the topics above or to the left, or check some of my most popular posts!  If you have any questions or suggestions for subsequent posts, feel free to Contact Me!

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Why can I help??

I’m Rob, a 30-something IT geek with 11+ years of progressive Information Technology experience.  Throughout my experience, I’ve worked with a wide variety of professionals on environments large and small in a number of industries: healthcare, finance, real-estate, construction, etc.  These interactions led me to a single conclusion – many people (particularly the “average joe/jane” or small business owner) need occasional help with computers and technology.  Some folks don’t have nearly the passion for technology that I do.  Others can’t justify hiring an extra employee or paying over $100 for a 5-minute consult with the “techie” at the local electronics retailer.  I decided to dedicate my free time to helping my neighbors and small businesses empower themselves with technology to be more productive at home and/or at work.  My hope is that by helping others, I can also bring my own dreams to reality:  build a successful online business, empower others to be confident with technology, and work for myself!

What Can I Do To Help??

Over the last few years, I’ve spent time helping a number of folks with miscellaneous problems at their homes and/or small businesses.  However, some of my bread-and-butter services tend to revolve around the following:
  • Google Apps setup and configuration – Get your family and/or new small business on the Internet.
  • Free and Low Cost Website Setups – Got a small budget, I can make it happen!  Set up a website on Blogger, WordPress, Google Sites, etc.
  • Online Backups – As the folks at Backblaze like to say:  “Kiss your lost data hello!”   There are plenty of options out there, and I’ll help you find the one that fits your need!
  • Social Media setup and training.

I’m always eager to learn something new, so feel free to bring me your technology problems and I’ll find a way to solve it!

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