Comments Policy

After reading a few articles on Blog ettiquette, I thought it may be worthwhile to take a few minutes to talk about leaving comments on Midway to Midlife!   While this isn’t much of an issue at the moment, I expect that when this site starts gaining a following it will become quite relevant.

Here’s my policy towards comments:

  • I welcome comments on this blog:  I view comments as a great way to facilitate the overall experience of this blog.  I also feel its a great way to increase the value of the discussion by adding relevant/personal experience and different perspective.
  • I delete spam: If I notice an automated spam comment that has made it through the spam filters, I will delete it.   If it looks like SPAM, I’ll probably delete it.
  • Relevant comments and links are encouraged: If you want to make a comment and/or include a link to relevant information in your comment, feel free to do so.
  • Irrelevant comments and links are not encouraged: If you make a comment and/or include a link to something totally irrelevant to the page or discussion, I reserve the right to delete your comment (or at the very least remove your irrelevant URL).

Hopefully, this page will help all to know what will be considered appropriate with regards to comments.

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