Midway to Midlife Disclaimer

If you’ve been reading the Midway to Midlife! blog, you may notice that I link to a number of products and vendors within many of the articles I write.  Some of these links are part of affiliate marketing networks, which allows me to earn money based on my referral of readers to those particular products.  As such, you may wonder if my sole purpose for this blog is to make money.  I assure you that it is not.

What do I get out of Midway to Midlife:

I believe in being transparent when dealing with others, and feel that should also apply to my blogging activities.  Here’s what I get out of the Midway to Midlife blog:

  • Satisfaction – I have always been passionate about technology and computers, and do just about anything I can to increase my own technology knowledge on a daily basis.  I am always looking to help others learn about technology and enjoy the satisfaction of watching them overcome any apprehension or fear of computers.  Nothing makes me happier than to witness (what I call) the “Ah Hah!” moment – that single moment where confusion becomes true understanding.
  • Self-Improvement – Blogging allows me a chance to take all that I’ve learned and distill it into something that others can use.  As part of that process, I gather what I’ve read and learned, analyze it, and focus on how that knowledge applies to both the problem at hand and the bigger picture.  This helps me think of new topics to research, new ways of working (smarter, not harder), and new methods of improving my skillset.  Additionally, it provides a place for me to share my opinions and practice my writing skills.
  • Reputation – One of my goals is to provide readers with content that helps make technology easier to understand and useful at home or in their business.   I would hope that this increases my reputation as a knowledgeable, competent technology professional.   However, if my content and articles suck, I guess this becomes more of a “cost”.   As always, I welcome your feedback regarding the content of this site.
  • Money – Yes, I do make money from this blog. You’ll see ads in different parts of the site (sidebar, posts, etc), as well as affiliate links to products that I’m recommending and writing about. I recommend these products based on past experience, or based on best practices and articles readily available on the Internet. I only promote products and programs that I believe in (or that are recommended to my by highly trusted members of the Information Technology community) and that are relevant to the readers of this blog. Since I am disclosing this practice here in this disclaimer (available on every page in my blog), I will not note every affiliate link within the site. Be advised that I DO NOT participate in pay-per-post (PPP) activities, and none of my posts have been “sponsored” via any PPP program.

What does Midway to Midlife cost me?

It would seem fair to also reveal what it costs to maintain the Midway to Midlife blog.  Blogging isn’t necessarily easy, rewarding, or positive at all times, and there are a number of “costs” associated with providing the content on the Midway to Midlife blog:

  • Time – You can be sure that it takes quite a bit of time to prepare content for this site.  While the total amount of time may depend on the length and amount of research required for each post, please know that this leads to many long nights after working my primary job.  Additionally, I want to make sure this site is serving its purpose for you (the reader), and I make sure to read every comment that comes to the site.
  • Competitive Edge – Most of the content I write about (and/or articles I publish on eHow) is something many folks generally pay their “computer guy” to setup/configure/etc.  By sharing my knowledge for free, I miss out the potential to be the “computer guy” hired to setup/configure/etc the technology in my blog.   It is a trade-off, but ultimately I feel better empowering my readers to dive in and learn technology on their own.
  • Money – In order to provide the best experience possible, I pay a yearly fee to have this blog hosted on a server with 24×7 support in a secured data center.  While there are a number of “free” blogging services available, I opted to host with a paid service so that I can have control over the ultimate setup, look, and feel of the Midway to Midlife blog.
  • Personal Attack – Rest assured, there are many folks out on the Internet just as passionate about technology as myself.  While I openly welcome and encourage comments/discussion on any of my content, I know the impersonal nature of the Internet may allow folks to express their passion in words they wouldn’t otherwise say to a person’s face.   Again, I welcome the discussion, but hope we can all contribute with some civility.

Final Notes:

As you can see, blogging has its benefits and costs.  Personally, I hope the content of this site makes a positive contribution to your use of technology at home or in your business.  If you have any questions, feel free to Contact Me.

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