Using SCCM Configuration Baselines for Automatic IIS Backup

Digging into the power behind SCCM has been quite eye opening.  There are plenty of opportunities to combine SCCM’s inherent functionality to make life in the IT world a much better place to live.  Having recently worked on an issue with IIS, and having utilized the functionality of the appcmd.exe command for backup/restore, I thought […]

WMI, Powershell, and Various Scripts for SCCM Task Sequences

I’ve been experimenting with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) at work a lot lately.  In the course of my experimentation for OS Deployment (OSD), I’ve stumbled onto a number of helpful Powershell, WMI, and batch scripts that I’ve found quite useful.  These references can be particularly useful if you decide to go without the […]