How I’m Saving $800 a Year by Dropping Cable

Are you paying over $100 per month for Cable TV, High-Speed Internet, and Phone service? Would you like to find a way to trim that number in your budget? Do you find yourself feeling like you don’t get the value out of your cable subscription for the price you’re paying? I definitely did…and I finally […]

Debating a Windows 8 Upgrade? Check this serious deal…

This is a short post folks: If you’re debating a Windows 8 upgrade, now’s the time to do it.  I was just poking around on Amazon and they’ve got the Windows 8 Pro upgrade for $67.  That’s a savings of 67% (or $133 off)!!! Yes, the “new start menu” is a little shocking at first, […]

Small Business Cash Register – Electronic and Easy!

If you’re a retailer and/or small business selling goods, chances are you’ve had to take the leap into the world of electronic payment processing.  As I detailed in my article “Get Paid Faster – Credit Card Processing for Everyone,” electronic payments were growing at a fairly significant rate.  In that article, I mentioned some new […]

Back Up Everything the Easy Way – Backblaze v. Everything Else!

I’m not going to lie – when it comes to backing up my computer I back up everything!   As I’ve covered before in my post about how I do online backup, I’ve managed to combine multiple products (BackBlaze and SugarSync) to keep my data safe from failure and exactly where I want it.  However, I like to think […]

How to Back Up Your Files with ZipCloud – Back Up Everything!

If you’re thinking about using ZipCloud to back up your files, you are probably wondering how to get the client installed and set up.  Unfortunately, the default install for ZipCloud may leave some of your files unprotected.  It is important that you get the ZipCloud client set up to back up everything before it’s too […]