Back Up Everything the Easy Way – Backblaze v. Everything Else!

I’m not going to lie – when it comes to backing up my computer I back up everything!   As I’ve covered before in my post about how I do online backup, I’ve managed to combine multiple products (BackBlaze and SugarSync) to keep my data safe from failure and exactly where I want it.  However, I like to think […]

Getting Things Done with Evernote

Let’s face it, life moves at a much faster pace these days and it’s nearly impossible to keep track of everything you need to be remembering, doing, etc.  Think about it – there’s always some type of list you’ve got running in your head: groceries, home improvements, to-do’s, important numbers, important addresses, research about a […]

How to Get Things Done (GTD) Using OneNote for ITIL (ITSM) Service Support

If you work in an IT Support organization that leverages the IT Infrastructure Library(ITIL) concepts, you may find yourself managing any number of complex tasks and struggling to Get Things Done.  As a fan of David Allen’s GTD method, I found that I had to slightly adapt GTD at work so that it fit my […]

The Ultimate Suck-up: Dyson DC28 Animal Vacuum Review

While I generally try to find new ways to be thrifty (check out my article about How to Save Money on Cable), I generally try not to forgo quality for the sake of a bargain.  Some may disagree, but my own experiences with years of “being cheap” has shown me that quality goods tend to last much […]

Save Money on Cable with Netflix!

I Hate Cable Television (but can’t seem to ditch it)! When I look at the image to the left, it reminds me of the ridiculous amount of money I spend on Comcast cable and Internet each month.   Each month, I’m spending $123 for digital cable (no premium tiers) and their middle tier Internet connection.  As […]