Domain and Hosting Services

Domain Services:

Pretty much any hosting company can provide domain registration services.  However, if you’re simply looking to purchase your domain names and hold them, I’d recommend the following provider: GoDaddy.  Domain Registrar services is GoDaddy’s “bread and butter” and their domain management control panel is the best!   While I don’t recommend them for hosting or other services, you definitely won’t find a more reasonably priced domain registrar that has such an easy to use domain control panel.

  • Go Daddy $7.49 .com SaleGoDaddy is my Domain Registrar of choice! I’ve purchased all my domains through them, and have had a completely positive experience with the checkout process and with their support people. I highly recommend GoDaddy for all your DNS needs.

Shared Hosting Packages:

Hosting Services abound with a simple Internet search.  However, cheaper isn’t always better – particularly when it comes to Uptime, Bandwidth, and Support.  In my experience, and in my extensive research when deciding where to host my own services, I would stick to one of the following providers.

  • Bluehost Web Hosting $6.95BlueHost – One of the most highly rated hosting services out there.  They win numerous awards for their customer service.  Their main offering is “unlimited” hosting – unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth.  They also have one-click installs for most hosted software (such as WordPress, Joomla, etc).  They’re also currently running a special of $3.95/month!
  • FatCow $88 Plan for $66 onlyFatCow – These guys really know how to take a theme and make it fun!  They also know how to take unlimited hosting, make it cheap, and keep it running without issues (and without killing the environment – they are powered by Wind energy!).  They also have a number of free features added to get you started and make your hosting experience better, including one called “Domain for Life” (whereby they provide the renewals for your domain name).   DEFINITELY check out FatCow before you make your final decision on a Hosting Service.    FatCow is an especially good choice if you are not planning to do complex hosting, such as WordPress, and simply need a place to park a basic website. Why pay for more than you need?  Limited Time Special: $10 Off “MooPon” for The Original FatCow– LegenDairy Hosting!

Note: GoDaddy is the current web host for MW2ML, but I run another site of mine on BlueHost and would definitely recommend BlueHost over GoDaddy in a heartbeat!!!   I’m currently in the process of planning the migration of MW2ML to either BlueHost or WPEngine.

Managed Hosting Packages:

WP Engine advertisementLet’s consider a few scenarios.  What if you’re starting a WordPress website for an idea you KNOW will go viral or be insanely popular?  What if you’ve had your WordPress website on Bluehost, but you’re simply getting too much traffic for a shared web hosting provider to handle?  What if you simply don’t want to worry about maintaining the WordPress core and/or Plugins and want your site to be best equipped to thwart hackers?  You need Managed Hosting.  This is the ultimate in hosting providers, and I would recommend it more than a simple VPS hosting package or DIY on Amazon EC2 or Azure.  Who’s my favorite managed hosting provider for WordPress?  WP Engine.  You can’t go wrong with them.

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