Online Backup Services

Online Backup Services:

For many folks, the notion of “Data Protection” and “Backup” simply don’t matter… that is, until they lose everything due to a hard drive crash or some other unfortunate accident.  While it’s true you can save some of that hassle by utilizing some free utilities and an external USB hard disk, it still doesn’t provide nearly the peace of mind you get by having your data encrypted and stored out in the cloud.  If you’re not yet ready to pay for Online Backup Services, many of the services I recommend below offer “free” trial accounts (with limited storage space).   If nothing else, take advantage of these free accounts to save your most critical files (resume, financial documents, etc). NOTE: You can also get some additional guidance at my eHow article:  How to choose between Online Backup Service Providers.

If you want the quick & easy recommendation as to which product to use, here you go:

  • Home User (1 computer): BackBlaze
  • Home User (multiple computers and/or mobile devices): SugarSync
  • Home User (Linux OS’s):  DropBox
  • Home User – Ease of Disaster Recovery:  BackBlaze (“Mail me a USB Drive” option)
  • Business User: Mozy Pro (first choice), iDrive or SugarSync for Business (2nd Choice), BackBlaze (3rd Choice).

I also wrote up my personal online backup strategy in my article about how and where I use BackBlaze and Sugarsync.

Online Backup Service Provider Links and Descriptions:

  • BackBlazeBackBlaze– If you’re looking for a no-hassle backup provider (Windows or Mac), then BackBlaze is your answer!  They only charge $50 per year (per computer), for unlimited storage capacity!  That means all your music, docs, photos, and videos can be safely tucked away on the Internet.  Never worry about a virus or hardware failure again!  Try it for 15 days free-of-charge!
  • SugarSync – Sugarsync allows you to sync files across multiple computers and mobile devices automatically.  You can also share your files with other people by emailing them a link directly to the file in your SugarSync account (don’t worry – your public files are not browseable or searchable by anyone without the direct link).  If you’re at a computer where the sync client is not installed, you can download the files to the computer from the SugarSync website.  (Yes, no more having to worry about losing that USB memory stick!!!)
  • Dropbox –  This one has been gaining quite a bit of popularity lately, as it just recently hit its one million user mark.  It’s functionality is similar to that of SugarSync, in that it works across all platforms (Linux, Mac, and Windows), and also has functionality for Mobile Phones (iPhone application, or mobile website for Blackberry/Windows Mobile).

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