Using SCCM Configuration Baselines for Automatic IIS Backup

Digging into the power behind SCCM has been quite eye opening.  There are plenty of opportunities to combine SCCM’s inherent functionality to make life in the IT world a much better place to live.  Having recently worked on an issue with IIS, and having utilized the functionality of the appcmd.exe command for backup/restore, I thought […]

Back Up Everything the Easy Way – Backblaze v. Everything Else!

I’m not going to lie – when it comes to backing up my computer I back up everything!   As I’ve covered before in my post about how I do online backup, I’ve managed to combine multiple products (BackBlaze and SugarSync) to keep my data safe from failure and exactly where I want it.  However, I like to think […]

How to Back Up Your Files with ZipCloud – Back Up Everything!

If you’re thinking about using ZipCloud to back up your files, you are probably wondering how to get the client installed and set up.  Unfortunately, the default install for ZipCloud may leave some of your files unprotected.  It is important that you get the ZipCloud client set up to back up everything before it’s too […]

How and Why I Use Online Backup – SugarSync and BackBlaze

Let’s start today’s post with a story (and tell me if this relates to you)… I get a call from my mother today.  Her computer won’t boot because the computer can’t find her hard disk and she doesn’t know what to do.  Unfortunately, I’m 12 hours away and at work, so I can’t perform any […]

Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide 2010

If you’re like me, you probably procrastinate and wait until the last possible second to do your christmas shopping!  I don’t know why (and my fiance hates it), but I LOVE the craziness and stress of trying to find presents the night before christmas!  I thrive on the hustle and bustle of all the frantic […]