Get Paid Faster – Credit Card Processing For Everyone!

There’s an old saying – “Money makes the world go ’round.”   Many folks have different opinions as to the importance of money in one’s life.  While I don’t care to open that debate, there is one hard-to-dispute fact in today’s society – money is the primary way of obtaining products and services.  I generally write […]

Smartphone Roundup 2010 – iPhone, Blackberry, Palm, and Android!

As I’ve mentioned in my past post about smartphones, I really enjoy the convenience of a Smartphone (currently an old/slow Blackberry Curve – can’t wait for my next upgrade).  My smartphone allows me to keep my email, calendar, contacts, tasks, and music with me everywhere I go (check out my previous post about syncing Gmail […]

10 Behaviors of Highly-Effective Small Business Technology (Part 1)

I’ve read numerous articles about “lessons” or “must-haves” for small business IT. I’ve boiled them all down into my 10 Behaviors of Highly-Effective Small Business Technology.

Contacts, Google, and Blackberry – Oh My!

I regularly check the analytics on my site to see what Google searches bring you my way!   Over the past few days, I’ve noticed an upward trend in folks that appear to be searching for how to manage their contacts (integrating with Google and syncing with Blackberry).  Fortunately, this is a relatively easy process! […]

How to Sync Google Calendar and Contact with your Blackberry and Multiple Computers

If you’re like me, you have multiple (such as “Work” and a “Personal”) computers.   With multiple computers comes the daunting task of managing multiple sets of scheduling and contact information.  I have posted before about how I was syncing multiple calendars using my Blackberry.  In that scenario, I was manually syncing my calendars back and […]