Save Money on Cable with Netflix!

I Hate Cable Television (but can’t seem to ditch it)! When I look at the image to the left, it reminds me of the ridiculous amount of money I spend on Comcast cable and Internet each month.   Each month, I’m spending $123 for digital cable (no premium tiers) and their middle tier Internet connection.  As […]

TurboTax – Filing Taxes Electronically Made Simple

UPDATE (1/26/2011): TurboTax continues to impress me year after year (I first started using TurboTax in 2001)!   Each screen is filled with guidance and it amazes me how easy it is to do my own taxes!  I spent less than an hour entering information last night, and I’m almost done with my 2010 return (state […]

Manage your Macs: Client Management for Apple Hardware

Many folks consider “Windows” machines as the de-facto platform for any type of business.  Because of the maturity of the platform, there is a plethora of applications developed to help with your business (or add to your fun at home).  There have also been a fairly large number of utilities and applications developed which can […]