HP Insight Integrations for SCCM – Notes from the Field…

I’m not sure how many folks out there use HP Insight Integrations for SCCM, but I noticed when I first started digging into them that documentation about how they worked was *sparse* at best.  A lot of how I learned to use these integrations was a combination of reading other vendor’s documentation and generic trial/error.  […]

The W’s of Managed WordPress Hosting @WPEngine – Part 1 (What, Who, When)

Whether you already have a website or wish to create a new one, one of your biggest frustrations  is choosing how and where to host that website.  Choosing a web hosting provider is hard – plain and simple.  There’s seemingly infinite options, pricing tiers, and features (or lack thereof).  So how do you choose?   I’ve […]

Black Friday 2012 Deal – Managed WordPress Hosting @wpengine!!

If you’re familiar with the pain that is choosing a hosting provider for your wordpress websites, I’ve got a deal to share that should help simplify the process for you! For Black Friday, WP Engine is offering $25 off your first three months of managed WordPress hosting with the coupon code blackcyber.  It’s rare to […]

Sonos – Wireless Music Players Done Right!

If you know me, you know that I’m a huge music fanatic and love almost any and every genre! You’ll also know that I’m hugely nerdy about tech. So what happens when you combine the two? Having recently bought a house, I’ve been trying to figure out how I can best bring the music that […]

Small Business Cash Register – Electronic and Easy!

If you’re a retailer and/or small business selling goods, chances are you’ve had to take the leap into the world of electronic payment processing.  As I detailed in my article “Get Paid Faster – Credit Card Processing for Everyone,” electronic payments were growing at a fairly significant rate.  In that article, I mentioned some new […]