Operating Cost Comparison of Google Apps

It’s rare for me to take something at face-value.  So when I saw that Google Apps advertises a “decreased operating cost,” I had to check this out for myself.  Is it truly a smaller investment to implement Google Apps versus competing solutions?  Let’s find out: Operating Cost Comparison for Email: Google Apps Free:  $0/year/user (max […]

Google Apps – Reduce messaging costs and minimize complexity.

So you’re thinking of starting a new business, or you’re an established business looking to minimize the cost and complexity of your IT investments.  Enter Google Apps!  Google Apps provides a number of productivity features at the low price of $50/user/year.  If you’re a small business, you can even get started with a small subset […]

What is Google Apps?

Say “Hello” to Google Apps! Over the past few years, I’ve had the pleasure of helping a number of small businesses implement Google Apps for their organization.  But what is Google Apps?  Think of it as enterprise-grade “hosted productivity” software for a small business budget.   Basically, Google provides a number of their services bundled together […]

Google Calendar – Calendars in Google Apps

So how can Google Apps help you manage your time at work and at home?  Say ‘Hello’ to Google Calendars.  Next to email, my Google Calendars are without a doubt my saving grace.  I’m incredibly forgetful when it comes to dates and times, but my Google Calendar lets me keep track of anything and everything.  […]

Google Docs – Productivity Built-In to Google Apps

Productivity software is both a necessity and a curse!  It’s pretty much impossible to run a business without the ability to create and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.  Even if it’s an infrequent task in your particular business, when the need arises it’s generally critical.  Wouldn’t you agree?  In my own experience, years of documents, […]