Getting Things Done with Evernote

Let’s face it, life moves at a much faster pace these days and it’s nearly impossible to keep track of everything you need to be remembering, doing, etc.  Think about it – there’s always some type of list you’ve got running in your head: groceries, home improvements, to-do’s, important numbers, important addresses, research about a […]

Google Voice: More fun findings and ramblings

Now that I’ve spent some time with Google Voice, I’m beginning to love it more and more. I’ve particularly found it useful in that I can dial long-distance numbers from my work phone, without actually incurring any long distance charges to my employer. I’m also currently in the process of changing all my online profiles […]

Google Voice: All Your Phones, Simplified to One Number!

As we all probably know, Google tends to make acquisitions all the time.  One of their recent acquisitions was a company called “GrandCentral.”  The technology from this company became what is now known as Google Voice. The idea is simple – all your phones (cell phone, business line, home phone) aggregated under a single telephone […]